Experienced Skydivers

Information for Experienced Skydivers Visiting Townsville.

Come and join us on for fun jumps, foos, bon-fires and partying. We operate most weekends, so make sure you call us if you are planning come down.

To keep updated, register on the AyrSports email list http://ayrsports.org.au/AyrSports/AyrSports.aspx and hit the subscribe button – this means you will get emails on when and what is happening at the drop zone.


AyrSports Incorporated is a recreational skydiving club based in Townsville. Our dropzone is located on the airport near the small town of Ayr, which is about an hour’s drive South of Townsville. We also jump in Townsville on special occasions with regular jumps into Bicentennial Park. A jump in town on Thursday after work is a great way to wind down.

The AyrSports skydiving club organises events and jumping activities for experienced jumpers. We don’t train people how to skydive but we will keep you excited about the sport and keep you jumping. We bring world renowned tutors from all over Australia to further promote the sport and spread the knowledge. Everyone is welcome in the AyrSports skydiving club and our current members include students, novices of all levels, experienced jumpers and non jumpers.

We all share a common passion for the sport and love getting together to jump during the day and share a beer around the campfire in the evening. We operate in conjunction with Skydive Townsville who train students and take people for the greatest adventure of their lives. Skydive Townsville provide tandem jumps onto the Strand Beach right in the heart of Townsville.