Jump Packages

One hour from arrival to your jump on the amazing Townsville Strand Beach!

Tandem SkydiveTownsville Strandup to 10,000 feet

Tandem Skydive

Townsville Strand
up to 10,000 feet

Enjoy a 20min flight, taking in the fabulous views before jumping.

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Tandem SkydiveTownsville Strandup to 14,000 feet

Tandem Skydive

Townsville Strand
up to 14,000 feet

One hour from arrival to your jump on the amazing Townsville Strand Beach!

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Tandem SkydiveMagnetic Islandup to 14,000 feet

Tandem Skydive

Magnetic Island
up to 14,000 feet

That's right, skydiving onto the beautiful beaches of Magnetic Island.

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A Skydive Gift Voucher is an unforgettable present.

Solo Skydive

If you would like to learn how to skydive, Skydive Townsville can teach you at our Dropzone in Ayr.

Over the nine stage course, you will learn how to freefall and how to fly and control your parachute throughout the flight and landing.
Somersaults and turns are all part of the course.

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