Discover Entertaining Activities in Townsville

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Become a Qualified Skydiver

Adrenaline skydiving requires a competent and well-trained skydiver. Becoming a qualified skydiver for adrenaline skydiving has its process. Four different licenses are issued based on individual levels has structured by USPA. These licenses are grouped into A, B, C, and D.

Category A is for beginners. A skydiver is expected to:

  • Have made at least 25 jumps.
  • Meet all given requirements by the USPA A License Proficiency Card.
  • Have successfully done five skydives with at least one person.
  • Have a stamped skydiving license given by the USPA.
  • Made it through the USPA written and oral exams

For category C, a skydiver is expected to:

  • Have obtained a B license
  • Have made 200 jumps with freefall for at least 1hour and within 7 feet landing on 25 jumps
  • Have made turning and barrel rolling maneuvers in the air, or made at least 2 points on an 8-person formation skydive
  • Made it through a written exam

For category B, a skydiver is expected to:

  • Have A license
  • Complete 50 skydives of at least 30 minutes of free fall and within 33 feet landing on ten jumps
  • Have proven skill of controlled turning and backlooping maneuvers, or successfully completed the planned points in ten group formation skydives
  • Documented proof of live water landing training
  • Have Proven their canopy piloting skills by meeting the requirements of the USPA canopy piloting proficiency card
  • Made it through a written USPA exam

For category D, a skydiver is expected to:

  • Have obtained a C license
  • Have completed 500 jumps with 180 minutes of freefall time
  • Have completed two night jumps with a freefall of at least 20 seconds in duration
  • Made it through the written USPA D license exam

Experience the Adrenaline Skydiving Rush

Everyone loves to experience every awesome thing said that is within reach. That are lots of comments on adrenaline skydiving as an amazing experience. Candidly, adrenaline skydiving is one of the adrenaline activities that you must experience. It is a unique experience as it gives the opportunity to see life from the atmosphere where the whole region is visibly opened. The experience of adrenaline skydiving is helpful in diverse ways. It helps people to face their phobia for heights. Some desire a natural high. No matter the reason for doing this, adrenaline skydiving makes a great experience. Through the use of a parachute, you can view the different places as high as possible and as wanted.