Local Clubs and Nightlife

Home to more than 200.000 people and located on the banks of the Port Jackson River, Townsville is a city that offers everything a person could want: Sea, Sun, City, and beaches, all together. The inhabitants of dynamic and dynamic Australian cities have an obsession with the sun, surfing, and sports. You can’t get bored in Townsville, there’s always something to do, including sports events, festivals, new bars, and restaurants to try.

If during the day that the capital New South Wales offers such must-see as the famous Opera House, a valid symbol of the city, and Bondi Beach, Townsville at night turns out to be one of the entertaining towns, with a wide selection of bars, clubs and other night clubs where to spend your nights partying.

The nightlife of Townsville is one of the most vibrant in Australia and offers an almost endless selection of clubs and bars where you can drink beer and listen to music. Every weekend, nightclubs in Townsville entertain thousands of revelers to the tune of the best Australian and international DJs. Many clubs in Townsville adopt a strict door policy, while others are more informal and permissive. Most of them tend to be a bar open until the end, which at some point tables free to provide dance tracks. These places are often cheap and cheerful, friendly and, with a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere, frequented especially by tourists and backpackers.

When visiting Townsville’s nightlife, you can’t miss a stop in one of the typical Australian bars to enjoy a good beer. Australians, indeed, are famous for their passion for beer, and the city offers hundreds of great places to drink in the business. The typical Australian pub is known as “hotel” because of the long tradition of providing guests a room after drinking. These pubs are very popular with travelers and students because they offer discounts and cheap happy hour. The term “bar,” instead, it is usually given to fashionable and chic night clubs.

A painful point is that, unfortunately, during the week near the nightclubs until after 1.30 at night and only on the weekend, you can indulge in a few more festive hours. Australia has very strict rules regarding the administration of alcohol at night, and many night clubs stop serving alcohol after midnight. In addition, alcohol consumption banned in the street: its hefty fines.

Townsville’s Neighborhoods and Nightlife

The city of Townsville covers a vast area and the options for nightlife vary depending on the area you are in.

With its changing world mix famous nightlife, live local music, innovative little bars and playgrounds for the seaside, CBD area it is becoming a real reference point for the nightlife of Townsville, while the high place of nightlife is represented by king Cross neighborhood, always crowded with boys and girls looking for fun in one of the many clubs scattered along the way. Here you will find a mix of faceted local pub-style, discotheques, and even a little elegant cocktail bar.